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Kallithea Spa Faliraki

There is no doubt that one of the most amazing sights and places in Rhodes island. is the Kallithea Spa that reopened it's gates after the initiatives of the Mayor IatridiThe spa cures kidney diseases and nephron diseases. It was built in the 7th century. The buildings were designed in 1930 and constitute one of the most beautiful pieces of new architecture of the island.

It was built under the order of Italian commander Mario Lago. The Italian architect who designed it Pietro Lombardi divded the area into 3 segments : the main entrance, the fountain and the compound for distributing water. The Italian masterpieces and the exotic flora make the area a cinematographic sight.

Kallithea Spa can be found on the National Road From Rhodes to Kallithea. Under kallithea Spa there is a beautiful tiny beach with crystal clear waters. Kallithea beach is the home of Scuba divers.


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