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Achokrateio Lindos

In kampana of Krana west of the Acropolis there is a monument scultptured on a rock. On the outer there is a two level frontage with semi pillars in the first level that bring the epistyle with metops and triglypghs weather on the second floor peccaries’ are rotated with blind gaps. There are shrines with names of dead people on their basis. In the interior, corridor was leading to an area with burial ceremonies. On the sides of this construction there are sculptured 19 graves. The newest name of it is Fragkoklissia which is a signed that during the Knights Period it was used as a temple.

The chapel of Taxiarhis Mihail the Victorious Army Commander is situated underneath the square of the settlement. In a flat niche is saved a post-byzantine deed of Archagel Mihail the Psyhopompos. The footprints of ancient fresos place it in byzantine period.

Western of it near the remains of a muslim graveyard is saved a flat niche with a deed of a Saint on a horse. Probably is Saint George The Burnt.

The temple of "Panagia"- Holly Mary

The parish of the settlement is extended with transept with the shape of a Free Cross. In 1489 Great Magistre Pierre D' Aubusson gave money for the errection of the temple and the construction of a groined- vaulted porch. On the south side of a smaller campanile are fixed on the walls blazons of the Magistre and also of the commanderof the Pierre D' Aymer's castle. The temple maintains it's frescos. The older epigrapgh is cited in 1637. Although the monument is a recorded as work of Grigorios from Symi island in 1779.


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