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Lindos, Rhodes

Lindos has a history of thousands of years and is known from the anceint years since together with Kameios and Ialysos constituted the 3 doriean cities of the island.Lindos was the only city of the three that continue developing after the establishment of Rhodes city in 408 B.C.. Famous from the ancint age was the sanctuary of Athina Lindia remains of it are saved till today on top of the ancient Acropolis of Lindos.

The setllement was judged as preservable from the archaeologic service since the 15th century. The habitants because of the thin land were seafarers.Noawadays their only upation is related to tourism industry that brings wealth to the village.

Lindos is an impossibly picturesque village; a labyrinth white painted dodecanesian style houses climbing the slopes to the dramatic Acropolis and knight's  castle. The village is, of course, a hugeky popular visitor attraction, and from easter oonwards it is crowded by day and fairly lively by night.the acropolis is the main attraction, but Lindos has much more to offer that this splendid monument. Its narrow streets are empty of traffic and locals carry everything in motorbike trailers. The village is captivating, especially if you allow time to wander and seek out less well-known ancient ruins, the tiny churches, and the quiter corners.

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