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Insurance Treasuries
Insurance Treasuries
IKA 22410 64912
TEVE 22410 22688
TSMEDE 22410 33960
TEE 22410 88311/326
TEAEK 22410 23611
NM YGEIAS 22410 88335/342
Pensioned IKA department 22410 88335/342


22410 88366/372
TYDKY 22410 28385
TSA 22410 36103

If you are planning to move permanenly in Greece you will need to subscribe to one of the above Insurnace Treasuries. In Greece it is illegal to work without being insured from one of the above organizations. You might want an addtional insurance but that will be up to you. Call one of the numbers above to find where you belong according to the job you are planning to do.

Remember it is the empoyee's duty to subscribe to the insurance treasury.

You will have to Make your Health book first then go to the police and get the blue card and after that you will have to go to the Tax house to subscribe and finally go to the insurance treasuries.


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