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Rhodes guide
Tips & Faqs



How can i get in Rhodes island?

It is very easy simple go on our e-travel page and choose one of the many available we haves we have ensured for you to reach Rhodes safely.

When should i come in Rhodes?

You can come all year long depending on the type of holidays you are looking for. If you are looking for beach holidays then May till November is the Best Period, for any other type you can come any time during the year.

When should i come in Rhodes for beach holidays?

May till End of November.

Where do i stay?

Depends on the type of holidays you are looking for. Although if you want to experience the Greek Culture and Greek hospitality then choose one of the small studios around the island ran by families.

Do not stay in places where they are not approved from E.O.T. the Greek Organization of Tourism. Those places are not insured which means in case of accident or death your insurance will not cover you. These places do not follow the laws and Regulations of the Greek Government  and European Union.

Where can i eat?

Wherever you want, depends on your preferences, has chosen the 10 best restaurants for you around Rhodes. Bare in mind that Price goes with Quality, If you are looking for nice fish restaurants you will usually find them near the beach.

Where is the best Nightlife?

Rhodes Town, Faliraki and Lindos.

How much should i pay for Accommodation?

From 20 Euros up to 1,000 depends your preferences.

What's the deal with tips?

If you want to get served first and have a high class treatment then do tip in bars and restaurants. The tip might be from 50 cents up to 100 Euros depending on your pocket.

Should i rent a car?

That is entirely up to you, but does recommend you to do so as you will be able to see the Real Rhodes. A 3 days period is enough for you to see all the island.

Do i need a Visa to get to Rhodes?

No if you are from an  E.U country, yes if you are a non-E.U Resident.

How do i get my Visa?

Apply through your travel agent to the Local Greek embassy.

Can i work in Rhodes?

If you are an E.U citizen, then yes you can work in Rhodes without a problem, all you have to do is prepare the following papers when you arrive there.

  • Health Book
  • Working permission from the police
  • Tax Number
  • Insurance Number

Do i have to pay for that?

Yes it will cost you around 100 Euros to prepare all the papers and for the medical exams you have to do.

How much should i earn?

Depends the type of job you are doing. Less than 600 Euros you do not to do a tax report at the end of the year.

Where can i find a job?

Upload your Cv on and be sure that one of the Businesses from Rhodes will contact you directly in no time.To egt a job other than the tourist sector you will need to speak Greek.



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