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Messanagros, Rhodes

Leaving Lachania and driving through a marvelous route, we find Mesanagros, a traditional village hidden between the mountains. It has small houses, examples of rural architecture that scetch out the tradition of the area. The village was first built high in the mountains to avoid the pirate raids. The square is also very interesting due to the church of the “Assumption of the Virgin Mary”, built in the 13th century in the middle of an older paleochristian church which was built in the 6th century. Moreover around the settlement a lot of archaeological discoveries of paleochristian temples are found.


Among the religious monuments in Mesanagros there is one that stands out, the monastery of Saint Thomas (Byzantine monastery,14th century, built on the ruins of an older paleochristian monastery)

Other religious monuments are:

    * Saint Thomas (14th century)
    * Saint George (18th century)
    * Saint Nicholas (20th century)
    * Holy Cross or Saint John in “Stavros” area
    * Archangel Michael (19th century)
    * Prophet Elias (19th century)
    * Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi (18th century)


Natural environment

In Mesanagros the beauty and the simplicity of nature is revealed. A visit to the region “Skala” of Saint Thomas, can also be very interesting. A landscape with waterfalls, forest with conifers and with rich fauna and flora.

If a visitor climbs Stavros mountain they will be able to see where the two seas of Rhodes meet. The existing rural roads lead to the villages of Arnitha and Apolakkia.

Monastery of the Virgin Mary “Skiadeni”      

A few kilometers away from Mesanagros, on the top of a hill, there is the monastery of the Virgin Mary “Skiadeni” dedicated to the Virgin Mary’s Birth, a Byzantine monastery with post Byzantine additions during the 17th century.
From the monastery’s yard the visitors can enjoy the unique panoramic view of the Aegean, with the island of Karpathos popping up in the depth of the horizon. In the sea there is a rocky island, similar to a ship. According to myth when pirates tried to approach the coast in order to reeve the region, the Virgin Mary “Skiadeni” turned them and their ship into stone.
Since 2003 the Virgin Mary “Skiadeni” is the patron saint and protector of the Municipality of Southern Rhodes.


Mesanagros celebrates the following:

   1. Sunday after Easter. The festival takes place during the day
   2. Virgin Mary’s Birth on September 8th. The festival takes place the night before
   3. Archangel Michael on November 8th .The festival takes place on the nearest Saturday


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