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Istrios, Rhodes

A few kilometers from Profilia is the village of Istrios. Istrios is a small picturesque village with a big restful square which shows its friendly and hospitable face to visitors. Walking to the end of the village we meet the beautiful tabernacle of Saint Merkourios (17th century) built over the ruins of an older Byzantine temple. Saint Merkourios is the patron saint of Istrios and that is why the village’s central church is also dedicated to him.

Natural Environment  

Between pinewoods, olive groves and vines, Istrios brings visitors close to nature. The  region that extends around Istrios, Apolakkia’s Dam and Profilia, is of particular natural beauty. It is a shelter for wild life and it is protected by the European Network “NATURA 2000”. There are a lot of paths and rural roads for those who enjoy walking. In the region “Kipolistis”, a visitor will discover waterfalls, a forest with pines and will enjoy the region’s rich fauna and flora.


   1. Saint Merkourios. The festival is on August 15th


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