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Temple of Athina

Temple of Athina Lindia Lindos

Doriean temple of Athina Lindia. Built at the end of 4th century B.C.

Hellenistic stoa with sided extended wings with four pillar frontages. (3rd century B.C.) The stoa has 87 meters length and is constituted from 42 pillars. The wall of the stooa is divided in the middle so the ladder of the propylaea could be visible. The square was made in 1st century B.C. and was based on vaullted constructions.

Anaglyph triimiolia(Rhodian Ship) sculptured on the rock on the base of the ladder that leas to the archaeological site of Acropolis. On the bow was planted a statue of General Agisanderos Mikkiono. The staure was made from Pythokritos creator of the famous statue of Niki tis Samothrakis. The ship brings footprints of colour. Grating was isolating the statue.


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