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Profitis Ilias

The wooded mountain of Profitis Ilias rises to a height of 798 m and there are magnificent views from the top. The area is also offered for nice scenic walks.

Today Profitis Ilias is a forested enclave with a mix of mainly Calabrian pines, cedars and oaks. In the 1930's, the Italian occupiers of the island set about transforming the forsted ridge of the mountain into a semi-world park, attracted perhaps by the sub-Alpine nature of the terrain. The runis and remains of this era are a telling comment on the fate of fascist ambition.

The road that cliimbs the mountain's wooded slopes from Salakos in the west is a serpentine delight. If you approach from Eleousa in the east, you pass the charming little Byzantine church of Agios Nikolaos fountoukli in its peaceful roadside setting. the church contains some fine, if faded, medieval frescoes. Both approaches lead eventually to a junction, high amidst the pines, but below the true summit.  here stands the Italian era, chalet0style hotel Elafos and its annexe, Elafina which are currently being reinnovated to 5 Start Hotels. Alongside is the church of Profitis ilias.

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