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Park of Rodini Rhodes

Rodini is a valley with rick flora on the south of the city. There is a gully which passes underneath the ancient bridge of krakonero. It is assumed that this is probably the way it was in the ancient times. Caves, decorated burial grounds and flora in the caves. The park was a place for worhip, walks and entertaiment. It consists a particular sign of the architecture that was dominating the hellenistic period(3rd-=2nd century b.c.).


The most important monuments of the area are:


A burial monument of great dimension, mausoleum sculptured on the rock of a natural hill. It has a square shape 28,50 x 28,50 with semi pillars on the four sides. In the inners side is constituted from a long antechamber with relics from plasters and an orthogonal chamber. On the vertical sides of the chamber there are sculpture sheaths where the sarcophagus of the dead were situated. There three sculptured steps where the monument is based. Above the pillars there might was an architrave with triglypghs and metops.

Korinthian Grave

Burial compound sculptured on the rock with three subterranean chambers. The metop is constituted from semi pillars that alternate with blind gaps. The name of the compound is the one that leads us to the conclusion that are of Corinthian type.

The area has not been excavated systematically , the benches and the shrines constitute representations of Italians 1924.




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