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Necropolis Rhodes

Inside the limits of the ancient town on the south east side of Rhodes are extended the limits of theancient burial grounds. Important role among them has the burial compounds of Korakonero that are aged at the post hellenic and roman period. At that point is observed a great variety in the Rhodian burial architecture. The graves are sculptured on a soft limestonen rock orug . The most luxury graves constituted from subterranean burial chambers with architectural frontages. In the interior the deads are placed in cses sculptured in the webs of the chambers.It has not been proven if the compounds belong to wealthy families or religious associations.

The burial compounds of Korakonero were discovered and errected from the Italian archaeological Academy before the end of the 2nd world war. The shrines and the pillars wre found form the Italians and were placed on the stands above the subterranean burial chambers.



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