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Job Summary

Antaklanyje G 37 10th floor
Job Type
Work Experience
Less than One
Career Level
Educational Level
Salary Range
300 to 7500
EUR (Monthly Salary)
Total Vacancies
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Excel Modelling is a models management company, we are currently looking for model scouters around the world to work with us to perform a great team and have the best models worldwide with chances to work in NY Paris Milan China. Our newly built team respects the people and understands the high demands of the companies offering always excellent service. Models have peace of mind that belong to a family where they have respect and amazing treatment as a standard. All the scouters need to have previous experience in modeling either in the business sector or as models. Fr more information call us on 0037065557506
Company Description

Excel Services is a company specializing in web applications marketing and management and Recruitment Services in Rhodes Greece