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Less than One
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1000 to 1200
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Excel Services is looking for a Online Marketing Consultant to develop and execute strategies to drive traffic and generate revenue. The ideal candidate is a guerilla marketing expert who has been personally involved in successfully launching new internet portals. This opportunity would be ideal for someone who is graduate or student. We could be that first substantial client. Required Experience: * A college degree with at least 3 years of experience in Internet Marketing * Demonstrated ability to generate traffic and meet marketing goals for online media properties * In-depth knowledge of the Education System in Greece Responsibilities: * Create and execute a marketing plan to quickly generate targeted traffic to website * Develop and manage strategic relationships with appropriate online communities, blogs, forums and other third-party sites for traffic generating activities * Cultivate positive business relationships with new partners * Develop advertising programs and promotions to attract new students * Apply search engine optimization to ensure optimal natural search rankings Payment: This is a independent contractor position. You will be paid a substantial commission based on total site revenue and have an opportunity to grow with us over the long term. If we do well, you will do really well.
Company Description

Excel Services is a company specializing in web applications marketing and management and Recruitment Services in Rhodes Greece